SyQwest Inc. Announces U.S. Navy MK-48 Torpedo Component Design Contract

Published 03/06/2024

Cranston, Rhode Island. March 6, 2024 – Cranston, Rhode Island. March 6, 2024 –SyQwest Inc., a leading supplier of tactical solutions for US Navy surface ship and submarine sonar systems and components, announced today that the U.S. Navy has awarded it a contract to design and prototype MK-48 torpedo sources and sensors.

The MK 48 heavyweight torpedo is used by all classes of submarines as their anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASuW) weapon. The MK 48 torpedo is a heavyweight acoustic-homing torpedo with sophisticated sonar, all-digital guidance-and-control systems, digital fusing systems, and propulsion improvements. Its digital guidance system allows for repeated upgrades to counter evolving threats through software upgrades.

The Undersea Technology Innovation Consortium (UTIC) is the contracting agency. The award was made as a UTIC OTA which is a procurement authority which is being utilized for research and development acceleration and which will lead to follow on volume production.